Quality control – the capsule

QM die Kapsel

Although, in contrast to wirehoods and stoppers or natural corks, the capsule has almost exclusively an aesthetic function. It lends the bottle individuality by various design possibilities and is therefore indispensable. First impressions count and the is the first item of equipment that strikes the eye, on the shelf at the retail dealerBefore being used by the customer, it passes through several production and control processes.

For each new order, a reference sample is made, which is approved by the customer. With this reference pattern, the size, the colour, the print and the equipment are precisely defined. Based on this reference sample and the drawing, the capsule is continuously checked by our production staff before being placed in the packaging.

In addition, our QA manager checks the c urrently produced capsules at regular intervals for important aspects such as:

  • Quality of the skirt material, the top material and the tear tab
  • Quality of printing,
  • Quality of bonding,
  • Measurability
  • Quality of packed capsules

documented in a test protocol. It is not until the capsule has passed these checks that the pallets or cartons are released for shipment.

Qm die Kapsel