Injection moulding

A plastic champagne stopper captures the world

Following the development of the plastic champagne stopper by our founder Hans Pfefferkorn in the 1960s we created our reputation and have exported our injection moulded parts around the globe since then.

Today we work with the latest fully-automatically controlled in­jection moulding machines apply­ing the latest technologies. Polychromatism as well as the use of materials with different cha­rac­te­ris­tics, for example we use the two-component tech­no­lo­gy with softtouch surfaces to improve the haptics or to reduce costs.

We work with thermoplastics, apart from PVC, up to an injection weight of 1.000 grams with a maximum locking pressure of 2.500 kN. According to our customers’ individual re­qui­re­ments for the particular part we choose the appropriate material. Thus, we produce perfect filigree and precision injection moulded parts in close cooperation with our design engineers and our well equipped toolmaking de­part­ment– not only a stopper made by pfefferkorn fits.

Competence wins – Thermoplastics in form

Very rapidly the individual in­jection moulded parts are pro­duced from thermoplastic ma­te­ri­als in the precision injection moulds we developed, de­signed and produced our­selves. This is guaranteed by mo­dern state of the art ma­chi­nery.

Plastics are not identical. In the range of materials we use there is a wide spectrum to optimise their different characteristics. Due to our high quality, great experience, permanent advanced training and further education we are the perfect partner. We advise you extensively and choose the ideal material for your application, because the choice of the appropriate material is crucial in achieving a quality final product.

Free arrangements of form and colour as well as numerous possibilities of final treatment of the injection-moulded parts allow for creativity and leave nothing to be desired.

Frederic Reiter Pfefferkorn

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