Decorative Caps

Decorative Caps

Decorate any bottle and customizes your product. There are always. No limits for the design of a decorative cap. From the idea to the realization of your decorative cap, we advise and actively support you in this important product range.



Violin Neck



The Brilliant line opens up an entire new product category. With non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks, whether carbonated wines or sparkling wines, the Brilliant lets your products placed in the right place.

Available in crystal clear or customized colored version. The Brilliant offers all the advantages of an oenologically tested product.

The design and specifications are the same as our 2-part standard products. Integration into existing filling lines without any problems.

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The standard champagne stopper, also suitable for pasteurized products (to be confirmed by testing at the bottling line). International customers confirm the excellent quality of this closure series. Suitable for different mouths and applications.

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“The standard” in sparkling wine production worldwide offers both, product safety and design alike. Suitable for different bottle mouths and applications. With individual coloring of the cap, also printing is possible. The experience of a few billion closures is unified in this product.

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Oenological properties of the two-piece champagne stoppers

A comparison test conducted by the Institute of Oenology at Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences confirms that the Pepco (two-piece champagne stopper) has outstanding properties in terms of pressure holding capacity, free sulphurous acid content and sensory merits (report from January 2018). The test was carried out over 24 months in comparison to natural corks, Top 28 2 K (Plop), screw caps and crown corks.

These results can be transferred to one-piece champagne stoppers equaly.



The perfect visual plusvalue to your product is provided by our TOPCAP caps, suitable for 28 mm metal screw caps (other sizes on request). Please customize your product with a wide selection of colors and shapes. In addition to the visual enhancement of your product, our TOPCAPs providing you an easy opening of the bottle.


TOPCAP 28/43 F

TOPCAP 28/38 H


Screw Caps

Our closure for carbonated products

  • Tested by the Institute of Oenology at Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Inner pressure up to 8 bar
  • Different bottle mouth dimensions on request
  • High muzzle tolerance
  • Customized solutions
  • 2-K technology

Top 28 2K

Faber Secco

HP 14