Technical parts

You could fly to the moon with us

Since our company formation in 1953 we have produced technical parts of thermoplastics. As a specialist for precision injection moulded parts, we are represented with reputable producers in the construction industry as well as in the medical and food industries.

High performance thermoplastics achieve the solidity of aluminium and zinc diecasting and are used, due to this high stability with a low weight, in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Whether one or two component injection moulded parts or plastics-metal-connections like injection-moulding around inserts – with us you find the alternative you have looked for!

Plastics – what else?

Plastics offer a variety of advantages. As they are light and stable, they are suitable as a low-cost replacement for metal, which often needs no further treatment. As a consequence plastic parts are efficient as well as cost-saving in production compared to metal parts. As a bad heat conductor with a low electrical conductivity plastics are an excellent insulator. In addition, they are dimensionally stable, have low distortion and an excellent resistance to acids and chemicals.

Depending on the requirements, plastics are strengthened and gain stability with the help of various additives like glass or carton fibres. As a protection against effects of the weather we use materials with UV-stabilisers. Fire proofing equipment is also possible.

To improve the gliding property for example in the storage technology we work with tribologically modified materials.

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